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I'm a Product guy, Agile Evangelist and UX Designer. I'm passionate about creating prototypes and figuring out why a product works. I also created the Iteration Canvas and am extremely good in making hamburger buns.

Chances are that if you're reading this, you are involved in the creation of a modern digital product. If we have that in common, find me on Twitter and let's grab a beer.

Interaction & UX Design

I aim to design experiences that work beautifully on anything that can access the web. I investigate behavioral patterns and explore the myriad ways in which a particular application might solve an identified user need. I create and iterate on solutions fast with tools like Axure, Sketch, Keynote, Framer.js and some HTML5.

Product Owner

I don't make your solution look presentable. I will help you identify, investigate and validate the problem and ultimately craft, test and ship the solution. I ask the difficult questions and take the difficult answers. In order for what we're building to be ultimately succesful, it's imperative that we understand why we are building it.


Testing new ideas quickly and cheaply is extremely valuabe. Prototypes help us with assessing the feasibility of a new product or enhancement. With prototyping, we can go from fifteen potential solutions to one winning concept with ease and less waste of resources. I use prototypes to make our idea's tangible and to ignite a meaningful discussion.

Agile evangalist

I'm an avid practitioner of Scrum and I often find myself in discussions about how we can improve the way we work with each other. Few things are more satisfying than working in an energetic team that holds openess, honesty and progress as dear as I do. I take joy in identifying and solving impediments, backlog grooming, limiting waste and optimizing a proces.


I love code. I love the unlimited amount of possibilities to create a solution but hold its limitations very dear. I'm currently enrolled in Computer Sciences at HardvardX to hone my understanding of programming languages. I am a firm believer that everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches us how to think.

Regular guy

I'm also a regular guy that likes to watch TV shows, listen to music and spend hours in the Fallout universe. I like to visit ProductCamp Amsterdam, UX Cocktail and hackathons (not just for the free beer and pizza). In my spare time, I like to help the people on UX Stack Exchange and refine my hamburger recipes. I'm keen to discover new things, although reluctant to immedietly adopt them. I'm not always sure where I'm going, but I know it won't be boring.

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Product, Agile Coach, UX Design

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