Work experience

I’m fulltime employed by De Persgroep and help their brands with the digital transformation. Thanks to their huge portfolio, I have had the opportunity to work on a lot of different media brands.

Editie app / UX Designer / 2017 – current

  • Responsible to kickstart a project that shaped the future of digital publishing
  • Ideated and conceptualized a new whitelabel app platform and CMS to publish digital newspapers that enabled art directors to create rich experiences similar to the paper version
  • Created wireframes and 10+ prototypes with Sketch, Principle and Framer to iteratively test the concept with users and validate our decisions
  • Collaborated closely with developers to ship new versions at the end of every iteration
  • Simplified the revenue streams with a subscription model and new propositions
  • Researched the user demographics and formulated segments to better understand why and what we were building
  • Validated the product with thorough and periodic field testing
  • Designed flows to integrate with the countless of different brands and systems within De Persgroep
  • Wrote copy to keep messages simple, small and clear
  • Created a design system and workflow enabling all designers at the company to rapidly test new ideas with little help

Autotrack / User Researcher / 2017 – 2017

  • Responsible for user testing the native apps to help form a renewed mobile strategy
  • Conducted user interviews for the iOS and Android app to gather insights about the current usefulness
  • Wireframed and designed low-effort solutions to improve flows and screens for an increased conversion

MyChannels app integration / UX Designer / 2017 – 2017

  • Helped form the mobile stategy to better integrate their video platform with the brands within De Persgroep
  • Ideated, wireframed and designed a modular mobile app integration to be inserted in to 10+ different apps
  • Prototyped and researched 8+ interactive prototypes with users to validate our hypothesis and decisions

Algemeen Dagblad / UX Designer / 2017 – 2017

  • Wireframed a new navigation model for the new AD app to adhere the vast differences in business requirements
  • Field tested with users to validate if the model was usable and user friendly

Trouw / Interaction Design / 2016 – 2017

  • Responsible for the user experience of the website
  • Extensive user research to help understand the targeted audience
  • Redesigned the website to better focus on the core principles of the brand
  • Helped form an editorial proces to reduce workload while increase production

Algemeen Dagblad / Product Owner / 2015 – 2016

  • Responsible for the product development and user experience of the new publish platform for Algemeen Dagblad
  • Redesigned the website and native apps for iOS and Android
  • Created a whitelabel product to be used as / Product & Marketing Manager / 2014 – 2015

  • Helped a start-up to find their market fit
  • Responsible for the product development, user experience and marketing
  • Designed a new revenue model for a new scalable strategy
  • Led the development of the platform with an offsite team
  • Created and optimized the Scrum-process with the offsite team
  • Optimized the flow, design and user journey to increase conversion
  • Implemented an A/B-test strategy
  • Redesigned the backend systems to improve the experience for car mechanics
  • Conducted usability tests to optimize the checkout flow
  • Nominated for Most Disruptive Startup

In 2017 the team behind, despite their efforts, chose to stop with the platform. / Product Designer / 2010 – 2014

  • Responsible for the product development and user experience of
  • Shaped the mobile strategy by redesigning the website into a responsive model and sunsetted the native apps
  • Redesigned the website to accommodate a different targetted audience and new business opportunities
  • Worked close with developers and community to increase time spend on the website
  • Wrote release notes and blogs to introduce new features, do user research and keep in touch with the community
  • Contributed to Dutch IAB advertisement standards, guidelines and best practices
  • Website van het Jaar awards

Computable / Email marketeer / 2009 – 2010

  • Responsible for all B2B and B2C email communication
  • Created the email strategy for B2B and B2C newsletters
  • Setup of the marketing automation platform and list management software
  • Designed and coded email templates
  • Created readable KPI dashboards