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I’m a UX Designer from the Netherlands with a specialization in mobile apps and websites. I aim to make the internet more useful, useable and beautiful.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you're involved in the creation of a modern digital product. If we have that in common, get in touch and let’s grab a coffee.

Recent projects.

Volkskrant Editie

De Editie App Platform

As a way to generate new revenue streams in an ever declining subsciber market, I ideated and designed De Editie app platform for De Persgroep. De Volkskrant is the first brand to use this platform to give their tablet subscribers an interactive, rich digital reading experience. After launch, the number of sold subscriptions tripled.

Available for iOS and Android.

ADR Nieuwsmedia

ADR Nieuwsmedia Website and App

Which started as a simple redesign of the digital presence of Algemeen Dagblad, ended up in a whitelabel website and app platform that is currently used by 8 news brands in the Netherlands. Algemeen Dagblad managed to grow to the third biggest Dutch news brand, while the subsidiaries benefit from using its technology, design and content. ADR Nieuwsmedia reaches almost 8 million people in the Netherlands, making it the biggest Dutch media company.

Brands I've worked with.

De Volkskrant

Algemeen Dagblad





Nationale Vacaturebank



Project bucketlist.

I would love to work on the following projects: