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I’m a Product Designer from Haarlem and I love mobile apps and websites. I aim to make the internet more useful, useable and beautiful.

During 10 years in User Experience Design, I've answered difficult questions with simple and elegant solutions. As a creative problem solver I help teams with user research, strategy, concepts, design and shipping.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you're involved in the creation of a digital product. If we have that in common, get in touch and let’s grab a coffee.

Recent projects.

The Edition Mobile App Platform.

  • Volkskrant Editie

    The Editie App Platform is a new way to publish digital newspapers on smartphones and tablets. Users describe it as a "Harry Potter newspaper". I worked close with user research to define user needs and categorized them in target groups. Key aspects of this research was to find the intrinsic motivation behind reading news. I conceptualized, designed and prototyped different solutions to cater to these needs during design sprints. After the define phase, I helped the product owner write user stories, supported development during their sprints and helped marketing with the product and pricing modals. The first brand to use this platform is De Volkskrant.

    Download the app on your tablet via iOS and Android.

Algemeen Dagblad Web and App platform.

  • ADR Nieuwsmedia

    Algemeen Dagblad is one of the most popular news brands in the Netherlands. I joined as Product Owner and UX Designer and led a redesign project. The initial scope was to redesign the website and native apps. We ended up creating a Web and App platform that is being used by 7 other news brands. I worked close with stakeholders to define the strategy and led an offiste development team. We designed the website, apps and CMS with workflows for the editorial teams. This minimized the publication time for the editors allowing them to write a lot more articles. After launch, Algemeen Dagblad saw a huge increase in traffic. They became the third biggest news website in the Netherlands.

Brands I've worked with.

De Volkskrant

Algemeen Dagblad





Het Parool

Nationale Vacaturebank



VNU Media

Project bucketlist.

I would love to work on the following projects:

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