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I’m an interaction and user experience designer who aims to design experiences that work on anything that can access the internet. I investigate behavioral patterns, design flows and prototype ideas to explore the myriad ways to solve a user need. In order for what we’re building to be ultimately successful, it’s imperative that we understand why we are building it.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you are involved in the creation of a modern digital product. If we have that in common, get in touch and let’s grab a coffee.

Latest projects

Due to confidentiality names and designs can be altered.

The Edition

Converting print subscribers to digital subscribers is a hard topic for traditional publishers. After extensive user research into what makes this group ‘tick’, together with the Art Director of De Volkskrant we conceptualized, designed and prototyped the Edition as an answer.


Autotrack is the leading car classifieds service in the Netherlands. When they asked me to redesign their apps, I started with some research to better determine the state of the art. I conducted interviews and tested their apps with users to figure out what actually really needed to be redesigned.


I’m currently not available for full time positions, but I’m always more than happy to temporary help kickstart an idea or just to share my views. The first session is always on me! Drop me an email or use the form below.